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Design and Manufacturing Services

Design and Manufacturing Capabilities Overview

Our High Quality Manufacturing includes Vacuum Pressing, Membrane Pressing, CNC Machining Services, Laser Engraving Services, Die Cutting, Assembly and Packaging. We can develop custom products or private label products for OEM’s.

During production, we maintain the tightest tolerances in the industry. We use MDF (medium-density fiberboard), composite plastics, high-tech phenolic materials and plywood. For other materials such as metals, we tap into our large network of resources known for high-quality manufacturing.

    A state-of-the-art Almex laminate membrane press takes a combination of several different thermo foil laminate materials with a variety of substrate materials to create a 3 dimensional (3D) finished part. This is done efficiently, with very little waste, while assuring optimum quality Membrane Pressing.
    Multiple, precision CNC machines and tools allow us to respond quickly while providing effective product solutions. Nested based manufacturing and a material handling system result in speed, accuracy, and quality parts for our CNC Machining Services.
    Laser engraving, etching and marking with a sealed CO2 laser engraving machine has opened new avenues for artwork to be displayed on wood, phenolic, vinyl, acrylic, marble, glass, chrome, granite, Corian® and even on coated metals. Contact us today to discuss our Laser Engraving Services.
    A clicker press that generates up to 25 tons of cutting power is both reliable and productive. In conjunction with a leading die manufacturer, these options allow for unlimited creativity and opportunity.
    Let Sunway assist with outsourced assembly and packaging needs using our in-house processes and economical labor.
    Value added parts and accessories produced by Sunway, Inc. for the OEM industry.
    • Height adjustable table legs
    • PowerTapTM – desktop power center
    • Keyboard mechanisms and trays
    • Laptop systems
    • Wrist pads
    • CPU holders

More information about our Custom & Private Label Products for OEM’s.

Contact us today to discuss our High Quality Manufacturing Services: Vacuum Pressing, Membrane Pressing, CNC Machining Services, Laser Engraving Services, Die Cutting, Assembly and Packaging. Our turnaround for design and production is typically as little as two to four weeks, depending on product complexity. We work with you to meet your production deadlines. Call us or email us today, and let us help bring your idea to fruition.

Sunway Custom and Private-Label Division


Sunway Custom Surface

Sunway is proud to present a new website dedicated to our Custom Design & Manufacturing Capabilities

Not just Ergonomics, we have experience with custom projects ranging from phenolic cutting boards, laser imprinted graphics to sculpted wall panels. We can help or manage each phase of your project from concept to final assembly.



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