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June Tech Tips Newsletter


Keyboard Tray System
Do you know what type of Keyboard Tray System you need?

Computer users are becoming more ergonomically aware every day. They know it will benefit their health and their wrists to get that keyboard off the desk, on a tray and positioned just above their lap. The trouble is there are so many Keyboard Tray Systems to choose from!

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May Tech Tips Newsletter


There has been a lot of focus in the news lately about the health benefits of allowing those of us confined to our desks, the opportunity to MOVE throughout the workday. Sitting for long periods of time, as numerous studies are finding, is not good for your health and employers are stepping up to the plate! READ MORE

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Sunway's PowerTap manages those pesky computer cords and saves your back by providing a power center right on your desktop, conference table or workstation. It's so versatile, it can even be used in your kitchen or workshop. We have 2 versions: 3 power outlets and either 2 ethernet or 2 USB connections.

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