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Height Adjustable Desks & Tables

Adjustable Height Dual Surface DeskSIT. STAND. MOVE.

Anyone who spends time using a computer workstation will appreciate the importance of setting up an ergonomic computer desk and workspace. Even small adjustments in the position of a keyboard or monitor or using an ergonomic foot rest can make a big difference in reducing pain or eye strain.

Sunway’s electric height adjustable desk line includes numerous options for creating the ideal ergonomic work space. Adjustable Height, also known as Sit-to-Stand or Stand Up Desks, allows the user to alternate between sitting and standing during the day.

Create a Healthier Workplace

June 18, 2013 - The AMA adopted policy recognizing potential risks of prolonged sitting and encouraging employers, employees and others to make available alternatives to sitting, such as standing work stations and isometric balls.

“Prolonged sitting, particularly in work settings, can cause health problems and encouraging workplaces to offer employees alternatives to sitting all day will help to create a healthier workforce,” said Dr. Harris.


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